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New Proxmox Customer Portal

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Today we have moved the Proxmox Customer Portal to a new help desk system. We have migrated your ticket(s), account(s), and organisation(s) . We have NOT migrated user/organisation address details, passwords, and logged subscription keys. If needed, this information can be added on a case-by-case basis.

New password(s)

Due to the migration your password has been reset. We have sent you an email with a confirmation link, please check all your email inboxes. This link is valid for 30 days.

What’s new

  • Direct replies to tickets are no longer possible due to security and privacy reasons. We only send out status messages and no ticket content. Please login to edit/track your ticket(s).
  • A ticket is now only visible to its owner (the user who has generated it). Exception: User(s) with the assigned role “manager”can see all the tickets belonging to his/her account/organisation.

Known issue

We have received reports that in some cases the '&' has been wrongly encoded( 2c9930c6d2e1711b76c365e79b6ae00459d63ba5?t=267bc2bcc1b0c0b708498ce4d4af8d9c). See the example below:


You can fix the link by replacing the49b103315494baa991070724110612790942e7c6?t=8401d8a16cb5078504baf8ef0e76f10a with the proper & when entering the link in your browser. Then you should be redirected to a page to set your password.

If you have difficulties to reset your password or log into the Proxmox Customer Portal, please send an email to

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Ulf Kosack  
Perhaps you should doublecheck your email software. I've received only html source code :-(
But password reset is been done.
Alwin Antreich  Staff  
@UlfKosack, thanks for your feedback.
Our migration had a hiccup with the email encoding. Please follow the instructions above.
We are sorry for the inconvenience.
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